EMCOR Services Betlem Helps Rochester District Heating
Upgrade Central Plant Facilities

EMCOR Company Helps Business Achieve Energy Efficiencies

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, September 27, 2017 --– EMCOR Services Betlem is pleased to announce it has completed work on major infrastructure updates to the Rochester District Heating Cooperative (RDH) central plant in Rochester, New York.

A leading Rochester based mechanical contractor for over 90 years, EMCOR Services Betlem is a subsidiary of EMCOR Group, Inc. (NYSE: EME), a Fortune 500® leader in mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, and building services for a diverse range of businesses.

“EMCOR Services Betlem was responsible for replacement of legacy equipment and increased plant efficiencies at RDH,” stated Jerry Cott, President, EMCOR Services Betlem. “Betlem helped RDH obtain $900,000 in rebates, as a result of the energy upgrades completed. Betlem is thrilled to have been a part of this project from its inception.”

Since the modernization of the plant, RDH has experienced a 12 percent savings in natural gas. By replacing the legacy equipment, maximum efficiency, redundancy, and reliability is achieved for the 46 RDH member buildings, eliminating the need to invest in, and maintain their own equipment. It also provides a cost-effective, alternative energy source for building owners and managers in downtown Rochester.

Betlem began by performing an energy study of the RDH thermal energy plant. Based on the results of the detailed analysis, several upgrades were implemented to increase capacity and redundancy, improve operational efficiency, automation, and plant safety.

Betlem’s team of experts—driven by the objective of increasing efficiency and capacity, while also reducing emissions—installed a new flue gas heat-recovery system, two high-pressure superheated steam boilers and economizers, and a backpressure turbine. Betlem also replaced the blow-down heat exchanger, and upgraded the lighting, insulation, plant controls, and water-treatment system. Betlem completed all work while the RDH plant was in full operation—with absolutely no downtime.