About EMCOR Services Betlem

Leader in Facilities & HVAC Services for Upstate New York

Betlem provides commercial HVAC maintenance as an HVAC repair contractor.Our roots in heating and air conditioning services date back to 1923 with the pioneering spirit of the late Gerard Betlem who founded the Betlem Heating Company. He started first by specializing in residential heating and manufactured his own furnace to improve quality and tailor them to each job. His product called the General Gas Furnace was an industrial leader by utilizing a blower to offer forced air heating.

Over the past 90+ years a lot has happened at Betlem. The company has grown to over 175 employees and is a leader in the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry in upstate New York.

Today, Betlem offers a broad spectrum of commercial and residential HVAC and facilities services, from rooftop to foundation and everything in between. In addition to HVAC repairs and maintenance, our portfolio of facilities services includes on-site personnel for building management operations and maintenance—solutions that allow us to focus on your building systems while you focus on your core business. And, as a part of the EMCOR network, we combine local expertise and delivery with access to global resources.